Stimulation program

The aim of the group stimulative program for pre-school children entering bilingual education is development in all areas considered important for a smooth and successful start to school.

PED Academy organises an afternoon class stimulation program for children entering the first grade of the bilingual program.
The classes are held in individual schools participating in the program.
The program is always led by a qualified teacher.
Expected date: April through June
Overall program duration: 10 hours
Further information about the dates and times of the program will be announced to applicants after registration at each school.

The program is focused on the development of:

  • Graphomotor skills (the combination of cognitive, perceptual and motor skills which enable a person to write)
  • Areas of perception
  • Working skills
  • Mathematical concept
  • Speech therapy
  • Social skills

Methodical materials used:
Bednářová: Zrakové vnímání (Visual perception)
Bednářová: Sluchové vnímání (Auditory perception)
Bednářová: Co si tužky povídaly (What the Pencils talked about)
Šimonovy pracovní listy (Simon’s worksheets)

What a child should know before entering a bilingual education school.