ROZOS (Personal development)

We consider personal, social and moral development the most important aspect of this class. In this class children develop not only their creativity and speech, but also their ethics and etiquette.

The children attempt to gradually understand their own identity, the identity of others, as well as develop self-regulation and self-organisation. Students attempt to learn and develop interpersonal relationships, empathy, and use appropriate communication tactics and strategies. Students develop moral norms for themselves, which are used in various social situations.

Teachers use what is known as the PATHS program (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) in classes. The program is designed for teachers of primary schools. The program is designed to make easier the development of self-regulation, emotional awareness and interpersonal skills for problem solving.

The curriculum is compiled of various topics in presented in an entertaining way. Topics include class rules, class solidarity, self-restraint, anger management, emotions, self-control, basic problem solving, sense of justice, feelings, expectations and many more.

The goal of the class is to teach children to “stop and calm down”. In other words, to develop verbal thinking, to understand themselves better, to develop awareness of the differences in others, and to understand the opinions of others. This thereby increases a child’s ability to accept and appreciate these differences, resulting in greater self-control as well as enhanced mental and emotional awareness.

Education is conducted in Czech language.