ROZČES (Advanced Czech language)

Writing, reading and arithmetic are without a doubt very important skills that need to be mastered early in life. Reading involves the ability to recognise words, understand their meaning and to grasp contexts. Writing with writing tools or on a computer keyboard are important aspects of our daily life.

A targeted reading plan fosters the development of reading skills, children actively engage with written language, and are encouraged to comprehend and interpret written text. Students are directed to read books and are given a comprehensive list of recommended reading, which takes into account appropriateness of age, and consists of classical and contemporary authors.

Besides writing skills, creative writing additionally is actively encouraged, thus dramatically improving confidence and range of expression.

For students who are being educated in a bilingual environment, writing in Comenia Script has proven to be more advantageous than traditional handwriting.

PED features its own educational programme for the Czech language with the help of which it compliments instruction in the ROZČES subject.